Flo-Ridaz Hovercraft

Flo-Ridaz is an exciting hovercraft experience based just off the A140 near Mendlesham, Suffolk.

Established in 2011 they provide the use of two craft, reaching speeds of 35 mph+. The fastest 35mph you will ever do!

The course is situated on 10 acres of grassland (no water) at Memorial Farm which lets you use the hovercraft to its full potential. Flo-ridaz are one of only a handful of providers of such hovercraft experiences in the U.K.

We wanted to create an exciting promotional video for Flo-Ridaz to show just how much fun can be had on these crafts. Family run business by Lee was willing to let us have free roam of the course for two days of filming.

Shot on a Canon 600D, GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition using a Flycam Nano and Crane Jib.

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